SAP licensing tools: Data vs. Knowledge

Sep 18, 2020 Uncategorized

There are a number of tool-sets and solutions on the market for optimizing and managing the licensing of SAP landscapes. Some are very highly rated by companies who specialize in evaluating and rating such solutions.

However, a very large part of any solution is: how to use the data provided? The knowledge of the people, those who specialize in analyzing, balancing, cleaning and managing SAP licenses, is critical to a successful project or audit defense.

When the "tool vendor" approaches, look for the ability to effectively use the data for your needs, not simply rely on "templates" or "best practices". Reliance on templates and best practices will go a long way to optimizing the SAP licensing landscape, on the order of 80-90%. However, to reach an effective licensing position approaching 98% accuracy requires understanding not only the data presented, but the entitlement position, scope of business practices, and possible future strategy. Having the level of control approaching the 98th percentile is indicative of effective license management, and shows more engagement when the auditors knock on the door.

Data is good. Knowledge in how to use the data is critical... Contact us at AOF Solutions for strategy, planning, and management. We can help keep you Always Out Front!

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