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We bring the proper people along to challenge established thinking and drive transformation to optimize your costs.

Improving IT management to optimize business value

Contract Review

A full review of your present and past contract entitlements is invaluable! Our contract review process provides a "third set of eyes", without business or stake-holder pre-conceptions, to reference the entitlements, requirements, and business goals. We are able to see nuances which may be over-looked by internal resources. Keeping you Always Out Front!


Project Management

Project management, in a complex environment, can have both good and bad effects. Internal resources have a stake in projects remaining on-time and within budget. We work as the "check-sum", providing a third-party, uninvolved validation of the project process, alleviating the normal angst and conflict between multiple stake-holders. This allows your teams to remain more focused.


Technical Analysis

Whether it is Governance Regulatory Compliance or Security Compliance and Auditing, we can assist in gaining an overview of your current state and needs. Extensive experience in maintaining SOX, HIPAA, and Government regulation allows us to understand and analyze your estate/landscape and assist in improving your security status.


Next Steps...

Prepare for the next audit cycle, whether it is SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, whoever. An in-depth contract review, analysis of your project timelines and needs or technical requirements... We Are Out Front!!

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Lead Your Projects to Sucess

People have for thousands of years been creating projects that require some form of monitoring and controlling. From the great Pyramids of Giza to the building of the 911 memorial, someone has served in a position where they were responsible for the development of the project. We have senior Project Managers with hands-on experience on complex multidisciplinary and IT projects.