About Us

We work with key stakeholders to understand your business requirements and needs to provide:
· contract analysis and abstraction
· project oversight and management
· strategy and planning
· organizational management
· audit preparation and defense

All in a Managed Oversight partnership, focused on YOUR business requirements


Our diverse backgrounds allow us to maximize value, minimize cost, and achieve results quickly and effectively.

Because we work with your teams, we are able to adjust rapidly to circumstances and situations.  We provide perspective to your issues, allowing you to be more proactive rather than reactive.


Complex becomes simplified

From something as simple as deciding if a renegotiation of a contract addendum is a positive change or sorting out the layout for an office expansion, to a complex situation such as defending your position against an audit, we will endeavor to Always keep you Out Front and in the best position possible.

Our expertise runs the gamut from office work space layout to contract analysis, to audit positioning, and much more so we have you covered.